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PRO Line

Without compromise PRO Line products are made to keep you safe and operational against all odds. Designed, made and tested within the European Union - to the highest standards of their class.

Manufactured with nothing but the best materials and most modern machinery available - our PRO line products give you the confidence that you buy top notch.


Hard Ballistic

Hard Ballistic products protect the users from a big variety of threats. From pistol to rifle calibers, including certain armor-piercing ammunition.


Multi-Shot rated ballistic armor is engineered and tested to hold multi-direct hits for matching their maximum threat level ratings.

Stand Alone

Hard Ballistic armor that is rated as Stand Alone will meet their threat level without requiring additional soft ballistic inserts.

Edge to Edge

Meaning that the actual ballistic protection area covers the entire hard ballistic plate. This is an essential feature to law enforcement and military users.

Multi curved

The unique multidimensional shape provides a better fit to our body contours. This feature significantly increases comfort and flexibility while wearing in actions.

Shelf life

Regular ballistic armor commonly has 3-5 years shelf life. Premium ballistic armor that is designed to match military standards, offers 10 years or more.



Alumina is the most common ceramic that is used in the hard ballistic protective industry. It suits militaries perfectly due to its toughness and low costs. The only disadvantage is its heavier weight.


Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene is the toughest thermoplastic available. Lower weight is its main advantage, but comes with higher production costs at the same time.


A strong and heat-resistant synthetic fiber mainly used in ballistic helmets and soft ballistic inserts. It has similar characteristics as UHMWPE but a higher melting point and improved resistance to abrasion.

Protection levels

calibre IIIa III III+ III++ IV
9x19 mm FMJ
.357 Mag JSP
7.62x51 NATO M80 BALL X
7.62x39 MSC X X
5.56x45 M855/SS109 X X X
7.62x63 M2 AP (.30-06) X X X X
FMJ = Full Metal Jacket | SJHP = Semi Jacked Hollow Point | M855 = Steel Green Tip | MSC = Mild Steel Core | AP = Armor Piercing

NIJ Standard

Personal body armor covered by this standard is classified into several types by level of ballistic performance.

In addition, a special test class is defined to allow armor to be validated against threats that may not be covered by the standard classes.


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