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Rifle Threat
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Rifle Threat

NIJ III Ballistic Plate

€ 279.00 Made in EU
Threat Level NIJ III Standalone
Material UHMW PE
Coating Nylon Shelf
Cut SAPI M multicurved
Weight ~1.700 grams
Thickness 31 mm



Protection against rifle calibres up to 7.62x51 NATO FMJ



This armor will meet its threat level without requiring additional soft ballistic inserts

Edge to Edge


Maximum protection surface through arrangement close to corners



This plate widthstands 6 impacts of 7.62x51 NATO FMJ projectiles

10 Years

Shelf Life

Compared to most other plates on the market, we offer a shelf life of 10 years

Made in EU


This product is made in the EU to the highest standards

Trusted by Professionals

Engineered and forged for versatility

Made for professional applications this tough-minded stand alone plate is the most versatile money can buy. It’s unique design features make it well suited for a wide range of tasks: from duty wear, to personal protection missions or EDC.

It’s multi curved Shooter cut makes it a perfect companion for users who want to stay agile, do not want to sacrifice on wear comfort, yet demand a high level of ballistic protection.

Despite being incredibly lightweight this standard SAPI size M plate is rated to stop at least 6 rounds 7.62x51 M80 Ball standard issue NATO ammunition.

This comprehensive design, made with the very best military grade materials and manufactured by an industry leader is not going to let down on you.

By the Union, for the Union

Made and tested in the EU

This product is made with the best materials available – either sourced from the US or produced in the EU.

Crafted by an ISO certified manufacturer within the EU under highest quality standards. Production is carried out in a state-of-the-art factory using high end machinery and well trained staff.

Ballistic performance tests were conducted and confirmed by an ISO certified testing facility in the EU.

Little weight &
perfect agility

This plate offers outstanding performance due to it’s little weight, multi curved design and dynamic Shooter cut. All of that ensures perfect agility.

Regardless of being worn as front- or back plate, your body contours will be matched superbly ensuring wear comfort many hours into your mission.

Ergonomic fit & maximum protection

Following the SAPI standard this plate is compatible with the full range of size M carrier systems available on the markets.

As an Edge to Edge plate the entire surface offers ballistic protection. The plate's outline is drop damage protected with foam padding.

NIJ Protection levels

calibre IIIa III III+ IV
9x19 mm FMJ
.357 Mag JSP
7.62x51 NATO M80 BALL X
7.62x39 MSC X X
5.56x45 M855/SS109 X X
7.62x63 M2 AP (.30-06) X X X
FMJ = Full Metal Jacket | SJHP = Semi Jacked Hollow Point | M855 = Steel Green Tip | MSC = Mild Steel Core | AP = Armor Piercing

NIJ Standard

Personal body armor covered by this standard is classified into several types by level of ballistic performance.

In addition, a special test class is defined to allow armor to be validated against threats that may not be covered by the standard classes.